Flexider Aerospace is the one-stop source providing full resource capabilities for any customer entire project needs all under one roof.

Flexider Aerospace can offer its very best in creative solutions for any steel and titanium based metallic ducting systems.

The key to our success in meeting customer requirements is our ability to take an active role in the design and development on any new program. In many cases, this includes a concurrent engineering staff working with customer engineering at their location to design and develop systems that add value, reduce life-cycle cost, and maximize operational performance.


Systems and components engineered for bearing room to very high temperatures for commercial, regional and military applications:

  • Systems Analysis
  • Dynamic and Static Stress Analysis
  • Thermodynamic Analysis
  • CATIA 3-D Solid Modeling
  • Fully equipped materials and process lab


Flexider Aerospace facilities offer a complete range of testing instruments such as:

  • Proof Pressure Testing
  • Burst Pressure Testing
  • Low and High Cycle Fatigue Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Environmental testing

Flexider is also supported by external third parties certified labs for further extensive or customised testing.


Flexider Aerospace is highly skilled in the manufacture of complex metallic ducting systems and components. Using Titanium, Inconel, CRES and other metallic based alloys we provide our best to the customer in welding, assembly and all necessary NDT processes.

Flexider Aerospace first goal is to offer the most reliable products and the most responsive service to its customers by providing superior design with the assurance of quality and on time delivery. All of that with an eye to the cost.

Flexider Aerospace manufacturing success is based on high experience, utilization of proprietary manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement.