Flexider Aerospace components and ducting systems are engineered to provide innovative solutions to distribute high and low fluid volumes at various temperature ranges through a variety of complex systems.
Materials are: Titanium alloys, AISI alloys, Inconel alloys, other metallic steel-based alloys.


High Pressure & High Temperature

Anti-Ice: ducting air from exhaust high temperature and high vibrating systems towards air intake and wing lips
Bleed Air: ducting higher temperature and pressure air from engine bleed towards aircraft systems and the ECS

High Pressure & Low Temperature

Environment Control System: ducting medium and low temperature and pressure air along the aircraft fuselage towards avionics bays, pilot and cabin


APU connections: both for bleed and for exhaust air at high temperatures and different pressures
Fuel: ducting fuel from tank along wings and fuselage, across the firewalls towards the engines

Product Line

Gimbal Joints

offering best performance under high mutual ducting angulations with full absorption of loads

Bellows Ball Joints

offering best performance under high mutual ducting angulations were lower loads take place

Unbraided Bellows / Sliding

offering best performance under axial movement, used also under angular or lateral offset

Braided Bellows

offering best performance under medium and low angular and lateral movement with full absorption of pressure loads


offering best performance even under high axial movement

Complete High Pressure systems

composed of bended/non bended ducting and any/all of the above listed components

Insulated systems

items complete with insulations whenever requested