Supply as a Service

Flexider Aerospace's goal is to provide the highest quality and delivery to all customer. A correct supply chain management plays a fundamental role enabling Flexider Aerospace operative requirement being successfully communicated, followed and sustained. This is obtained through the creation and maintenance of strong business relationships with a selected group of suppliers who share our same policies with the same value of professional commitment and integrity.

Flexider Aerospace Supply Chain

We want to be expected to provide the best product possible, delivered on time at a highly competitive price. Naturally, our suppliers play an integral role in our success. The Supply Management team is committed to seeking, establishing and maintaining strong supplier relationships with those who recognize today's business challenges within a global marketplace.

Flexider Aerospace procures a wide range of goods to support product manufacturing. The nature of our business requires the highest quality standards possible. Procurements are driven by Quality Instructions that must be adhered to in order to achieve or maintain status as an "approved" supplier. All suppliers are expected to drive their business activities in a professional manner that meets or exceeds the established quality and delivery objectives expected from them.