3-Dimensional Design

All pipe connections are subjected to stress. That is why proper design must take movement, pressure, temperature, service life, materials and corrosion into consideration.

At Flexider all products are designed utilizing 3-D CAD technology to meet the stringent requirements of the Expansion Joint Manufacturer Association (EJMA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) principles enable to visualize details of each component at critical points in both the product and proposed installation.
This ensures that varying environmental conditions such as thermal and fluid expansion, along with structural integrity, are all taken into account prior to manufacturing.

Flexider Laser Welding

Flexider successfully patented an innovative sealing method applicable to double ply bellows manufacturing , based on the use of laser technology: FLW (Flexider Laser Welding).
FLW gives both metallurgical and quality advantages, as follows: regular melted area free of defects, extremely narrow heat effected zone, high sealing depth and no micro-cracking and initiations.