Flexider On-Site Service

At Flexider we understand how important operational reliability is. We assure that our designs and products provide years of reliable service, thus minimizing unanticipated situations which result in shutdowns and additional expenses.

Over the years we have developed technologies which enabled us to provide our Customers with the industry's best on-site service.
Correct and proper installations give efficiency through reduction in maintenance and savings in labor costs, ensuring a properly functioning and reliable product.


When it is necessary to repair or replace leaking bellows, but it is impossible to shut down or completely remove an existing unit, Flexider has the solution.

The "Flex-Shell Technology" enables to repair directly the leaking bellows without shutting down and with quick turnaround time. This permits production to continue while damaged bellows will be replaced over a series of scheduled plant shutdowns.

Flexider's supervisors are trained to provide the best operational results while maintaining strict on-site safety.

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