November 8, 2013

Flexider Awarded an FCC Expansion Joints contract for a Refinery in Greece

Flexider has been awarded a contract to design and manufacture of metallic expansion joints for FCC unit in an important refinery in Greece. All the expansion joints will be installed during refinery turnaround.

The new expansion joints will be installed in a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit:

  •  Spare packed bellows ND 1400 mm for Hinged cold wall expansion joint;
  •  Spare bellows packed for online installation, Pressure balanced expansion joint ND 1190 mm
  • 2 Gimbal expansion joint with floating ring, ND 1102 mm, flue gas line
  • Transfer line ND 1680 mm, for Expander outlet
  • 3 Hinged expansion joints, ND 1680 mm, for expander outlet
  • Over size Flex-Shell to be used on emergency installation
  • Gimbal cold wall expansion joint ND 1650 mm